Virtual Real Estate

Coming in 2022

MetaVerse Dog is working on an Application that will allow everyone to claim their own Property Address on the internet for free. You will be able to print a certificate for it, and trade it for others if you wish. You will also be able to buy other properties and resell those as well.

Virtual land prices are soaring. Many are going for Millions of Dollars. MetaVerse Dog will allow people to buy an island, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, etc. in our MetaVerse Dog World. You will be the only registered holder of that land in our MetaWorld. Trade it, Buy More, Trade up, the possibilities are endless.

It is like the First explorers to the New world. They got their lands cheap. The possibilities of being first in our MetaWorld are endless. All proceeds from initial sales will go towards staking rewards and coin burns. This is truly a win-win for the MetaVerse Dog World!
MetaVerse Dog

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