Staking Rewards

MetaVerse Dog offers staking rewards for all long holders!


Staking MetaVerse Dog (MVDG)

1 - Register

• First, Register Here

2 - Login

• After Registration, Login Here

3 - Coin Staking

- Click the coin stake tab
- We offer four staking periods

Silver Staking

for 90 days and earns 3%

Gold Staking

for 180 days and earns 5%

Diamond Staking

for 1 year and earns 8%

Platinum Staking

for 5 years and earns 15% (yearly)

Now you can hold and get free rewards on your MVDG tokens . Metaverse Dog is a MetaVerse Dog token that allows its holders to reap the rewards of ownership. You can transfer your Metaverse Dog tokens to your wallet address.

From the Wallet Address, just pick your staking period and at the end of the period, the rewards get credited to your account. It is that simple and easy. Staking is not offered on the various exchanges where MVDG is traded. You can transfer the tokens you purchase from these exchanges to your wallet and start earning today!

MetaVerse Dog

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