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We are proud to announce the latest benefit for holders of the MetaVerse Dog (MVDG) tokens: The MVDG MicroPartner Program (MPP). Do you have a great idea for a startup idea or early-stage business, but you need some funding to get started? Can’t find friends or family with the money and no bank or government agency in your country will help? Let our Dog work for you!
If your MPP application is approved, MVDG will offer you an MPP infusion of up to $1000 worth of MVDG tokens to help you get your idea off the ground. In exchange, you will pay to us a portion of your revenue, also in MVDG tokens, until the value of your infusion, plus a 10% fee, is repaid.
Your repayment is registered through the blockchain, and every time you repay a MPP contribution, your MVDG MicroPartner** score goes up. Your MicroPartner score gives you access to more MVDG MPP funds for your future needs.
We’re the first cryptocurrency to offer this kind of entrepreneurial partnership to small business and digital innovators, and we can’t wait to see our community’s business ideas. All you need is an idea and a vision – and a few minutes to fill out an online application.
Maybe you want to launch a career as an Axie Infinity Gamer in Argentina, but need some support to get started. Maybe you’re an amazing chef with a brilliant plan for pop-up restaurants in Bangkok – MVDG can help you print menus and acquire your first supplies. Maybe it’s tables and chairs or an ice cream cart that will help you launch your street food cafe in Trinidad. MVDG wants to help.
We know just how hard it can be to get your first big chance at success. Numerous studies have shown that early support – even a small amount by usual business standards - can make a huge, quantifiable difference to early success, especially in less developed parts of the world in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Once you get your MPP infusion, trade it on your favorite exchange and put it to work for you.
Dogs are our best friends. They’re our guides, our rescuers, our friends, and our protectors. They help us out when we need it most. So fill out our application, and we will review each application for the honesty, passion, and professionalism of each applicant as well as the story of each request and the proposed use of the MVDG contribution. If you’re approved, we’ll also share your story with our community.
You can help make yours better by filling out the application here.


MetaVerse Dog Property Partnership Program – For purchasers or owners of real estate
MetaVerse Dog Digital Investment Partnership Program – For investors in digital assets
Metaverse Brick and Mortar Partnership Program – For owners of traditional brick and mortar businesses
Metaverse NFT Partnership Program – For producers and collectors of NFTs
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