1. How to buy MVDG?

You may purchase MVDG using a variety of sites, including bitbox, bitrue, or by utilizing Metamask to exchange your ethereum for MVDG. Please refer to the "How to Buy" page for more information.

2.Are there apps for Metaverse Dog on both iOS and Android?

Both Android and iOS apps are available for download from their respective stores.

3. How do I access the Metaverse Dog NFT marketplace? 

You can access by visiting www.metaversedognft.com or the link on the NFT part of the webpage.

4. How to join the social media platforms of Metaverse Dog?

You can visit any Metaverse Dog social account by scrolling down to the page's bottom.

5. How many staking options does Metaverse Dog provide?

The four staking packages that MVDG typically offers have different rewards and timeframes. Please refer to the Staking section for more details.

6. Is metaversedog staking platform reliable?

Our customers are happier then ever. We offer a non-traditional, safe, and trustworthy staking service that is superior in every way.

7. How to download MicroPartner program applications?

Respective application forms can be downloaded from the website's MicroPartner program section.

8. Does metaversedog offer multilingual support?

The multilingual community of Metaverse Dog is supported by a language translator.

9. Is there live chat help on the Metaverse Dog's website?

Our support staff is available around-the-clock to assist users in every manner imaginable. Please enter your concern, and we'll get back to you.

10. How to register for a web wallet

The Register option is present on the upper right. You can complete the details to finish the signup process.

11. How to withdraw tokens from the MVDG wallet?

Enter your address and the desired amount in the withdraw token tab under the wallet section. You can take tokens out of the account in this manner.

12. How do I stake MVDG using my wallet?

Enter the money and a staking package in the stake section. You will be led through the entire process by the on-screen prompts.

13. How do I view the history of my transactions?

If you have any transactions, you may view the specifics of each one in the Transaction tab.

14. Is there a place where support tickets may be submitted?

The support ticket section of the wallet does allow users to submit tickets.

15. What distinguishes the terms stake and buy & stake?

While in buy & stake you can currently purchase MVDG with ETH and stake those MVDG coins, in staking you must have MVDG in your wallet to proceed.

16. How To Buy NFT on Metaverse Dog NFT platform?

1: Connect Metamask and allow site to access metamask wallet.
2: Make sure that you have enough MVDG funds in your Metamask to buy the concerned NFT
3: Click On the NFT
4: Click on "Buy NFT" button
5: A Metamask pop up will occur, Confirm the transaction
6: Wait for a few seconds for the second transaction, Confirm it.
7: Navigate to my purchase page to see your purchased NFTs

17. How to buy MVDG from dApp?

1: First, Select MVDG amount.
2: It will show two options on the screen (Wait for 5 mins, No Wait)
3: Wait for 5 mins - It will take ETH out of your Metamask wallet and send it to our company wallet. It will also save your logged-in user wallet address so that when cron runs, it will send the precise amount of MVDG to that wallet.
4: No Wait - It will keep you on the same page and will deduct the ETH. When a transaction is complete, an Ajax call is made to check whether it was successful. If it was, the precise amount of MVDG is then transferred to the wallet address of the logged-in user.

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