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Massive scaled Metaverse Land for landlords in Augmented Reality (AR)
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A one of a kind decentralized metaverse token that uses blockchain technology to simplify and standardize data. We use blockchain technology to provide user-friendly, efficient, and secure crypto solutions

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MetaVerse Dog Vision

We use blockchain technology to provide user-friendly, efficient, and secure crypto solutions.

The Future is Coming. The Metaverse is changing the way we think and act. Tokens of the past offered very little value. MetaVerse Dog’s goal is to change the way we use the internet. Anything now is possible. The world is within your reach. a whole ecosystem running on one token.

No need for dozens of other tokens. That is where MetaVerse Dog comes in. We will be your gateway into the future, a world that is all around you. Our ecosystem is vast and ever-growing. We aim to have millions of users in the years to come, using MetaVerse Dog to transact in their daily life. Your one stop ticket to the Metaverse. A gateway that takes you to the unknown, where the only limits are limits you impose on yourself.

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Use uniswap to swap your ethereum or any ECR20 Tokens to MVDG and start earning, Buy NFTs, and participate in our ecosystem.



A metaverse that combines online store and services around the world.


Our processes place a premium on honesty and trust.


Profiles based on the foundation of our blockchain-enhancement project.


Buy any goods or services with our tokens.

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Imagine being able to buy MetaVerse Dog NFT’s, that are limited edition, which you can trade and sell just like other popular limited NFT’s like CryptoPunks or Bored Apes? Well that possibility will become reality in 2022. We are working on the coolest, most unique NFT’s possible.

All will be limited edition. NFT’s are all the rage. MetaVerse Dog, the leader of the MetaVerse, will be selling the best NFT’s on the marketplace. You will be able to buy them right from our website, IF you are a MetaVerse Dog token holder.

You will be able to trade them, swap them, and keep them for your collection. We will also be working on ways to incorporate your NFT in select games we are working on. Imagine your MetaVerse Dog saving the day? It will all be possible in our game world.

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Upcoming Collectibles

The MetaVerse Dog community has a group of people who loves art. Inspiration is the detail that excites people to be creative and unique. We are inviting art creators to be part of our MVDG community

MetaVerse Dog NFT

Every day, our community becomes stronger. Please follow us on social media for the most up-to-date and accurate Metaverse Dog news

MetaVerse Dog Contract Address: 0x2eE543b8866F46cC3dC93224C6742a8911a59750

Disclaimer: Not available in the U.S.A. Please follow your local security laws.

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